Canada’s 42nd Election – UCCC’s 42nd GC – 2015

When I heard the news that Canada’s 42nd election was called today (August 2, 2015), some kind of an alarm went off in my mind and heart. Because, for the very first time this year, I am attending the 42nd General Council of the United Church of Canada in Corner Brook, Newfoundland (Aug. 8 – 14). I was elected to be a commissioner – given the chance to have a “voice”, one of the voices of the Four Rivers Presbytery that I am part of.
There are many recommendations for change that are coming forth within our United Church and I am thinking that maybe we are not only being called to change things within our church but also in our political leadership.
Over the years many have said church and politics do not mix, but the more my roots go deeper in God’s Love, the more I realize that politics and church CANNOT stay apart. Both streams are to look out for the well-being of the people. They are the two sides of one coin – taking care of the people. Just as we cannot separate a coin – we cannot separate religion and politics.
A few of my colleagues, yes, ordained ministers, are actually joining the race and running for leadership. One is Jeff Rock in Red Deer-Lacombe, Alberta and the other is Robert Oliphant in Don Valley, West (Toronto area), Ontario. What a way to minister, to wear your heart on your sleeve, without having to hide in the sanctuary and demonstrate Compassion and Care in the political arena – outside all walls.
As children of God, as human beings, we want the best for ourselves, for each other, for this world – for the web of life; and we cannot all run for office, but we CAN bring change  with our actions, with our vote.
Today, I pray that you have the courage to go out and vote on October the 19th and be The Change that you hunger for. It is human nature always asking for the “other” to change and forget that Change MUST start from within, with our own actions. Do not stay comfortably on your “balcony” and watch the world go by, but be the Change now, for the future.

Recently it occurred to me – “Courage” and “Comfort” are NOT synonyms! “Courage” nudges you to go forward, to do something, maybe something that you have never done before; the other stays in the comfort zone refusing to change.
I believe, as Canadians we have a responsibility. As Canadians we are called to promote and practice Peace – Peace for ALL, even the environment.

May you be blessed as you gather the courage to go forward and be PART of the CHANGE. Amen.



5 thoughts on “Canada’s 42nd Election – UCCC’s 42nd GC – 2015”

  1. We all need to be reminded now and then that it was a minister-politician who brought us our universal health care: Tommy Douglas. (Through what is now called the NDP)!

    Had a chance to scan through the agenda for the 42nd UCC meeting and it looked daunting. Naturally, Kathy Ryan and I will have an interest in the response to what is being put forth by the Committee on Disabilities but it is just a drop in the ocean of that agenda. May it be a fruitful experience and a God centred meeting. K.

    • Thanks for this Kathleen.
      I am a bit slow in getting back to you but as you know I have been all over the map.
      The 42nd General Council was a great experience and I know there is a lot of change coming down the pipe for our churches, but we live with the assurance that God’s Love NEVER changes. Blessings to you and hope to see you soon. 🙂


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