Listen to the Gentle Spirit…

Mallard 001 - CroppedOn Friday, April 8, 2016, out of nowhere something probed me to send out an e-mail to advise our V.I.B.E (Venturing through Biblical Education) Group that our gathering will commence on April 20th, instead of the 13th.

A part of me was hesitant to postpone, as I had nothing to prepare for it per se. This year, our first study is a 7-part DVD series on interfaith. We are going to look at different religions of the world and see individual seekers’ journeys. I saw this series and I thought this will be a good way for us to see beyond our own circles. Our horizons need to be expanded and this is a good way of doing just that.

A part of me that was hesitant to do so kept on asking, “But why should I postpone? What would people think?” I can almost hear people saying, “She is not back from her time away and is already postponing stuff”. However, the voice became stronger and clearer, “Do not ask questions, just follow my direction. It does not matter what people think. Obey my voice, my guidance”. My attitude changed – “Ok, whatever it is, it is. I do not need to know ALL the answers”. So, I sent the e-mail and advised all who are part of V.I.B.E. that we will begin on April 20 – and no one person asked why we are beginning one week late.

The very next day, Saturday, April 9, as I was having a Tupperware garage sale, my husband asked me if I had heard that Glenn Baker had passed away; but the person who told him was not hundred percent sure. Of course, my very first instinct was to call Glenn’s home. Glenn and his entire family is a beloved part of our communities. His daughter picked up the phone and that already told me what I needed to know, as she lives three hours away. It was confirmed, Glenn had suddenly passed on into eternity this morning.

I went on with my day. In between welcoming those dropping in for the Tupperware Sale, I was making arrangements to get the musician in place, the choir members ready, the UCW informed and confirming with our secretary that the news was correct.  Not knowing exactly when the celebration of life would take place, we started to get arrangements ready anyway.

Sunday, early afternoon, the Baker family called and asked if I can go meet them to take care of the details… The timing worked out perfectly and we met that afternoon. When I asked which day they had decided to go on with the celebration of life – the answer was Wednesday, April 13 at 11 a.m. My jaw dropped… That is the day we were going to start our V.I.B.E. but we postponed it by one week.

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 13, at 11:00 a.m. we celebrated the life of an amazing man, who gave love in quietness and led an exemplary life as a pillar of the church and the wider community. He knew, all things unseen are eternal (2 Corinthians 4:7-18) and he lived accordingly with dignity and respect towards all. What a life. What an example for all of us to follow.

I share this with all of you, as I find a mysterious, deep beauty that touches my heart and teaches me, “You do not need to have all the answers all the time, just listen to the Gentle Spirit and obey her with joy”.

We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we certainly can trust who holds all our tomorrows. If we tune in to the moments of each day, we will find guidance that is beyond our comprehension. Thanks be to God for being closer to us than our breath, and more gracious to us than ourselves. Amen.

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