Thought of the Day – June 10, 2016

DSC_0099On this 91st Anniversary of the United Church of Canada, I cannot help but think of all the effort, perseverance and courage it took for our forefathers and foremothers to bring this vision of uniting together. Our Church is still wrestling to carry on the Mission of God within the changes of life – that is part of life. Just like a river always running, sometimes calm and sometimes like white water chaos; where we can never touch the same water twice.

We panic as churches close, others merge, transform their space and share with other denominations, Faiths. We are afraid to get out of the boxes we have created and sealed them so tight that we do not want anything to tear. People ask where we will worship if we cannot keep our buildings in shape, forgetting that no matter where we are found, God is there. Whether we gather at a house or a school arena, God is there. Worship is every breath we take.

Beloved, do not think that the church buildings make worship what it is. It is the people that make the Glory of God evident. Therefore, in all that we do, may we always live in God, for God and because of God. The Alpha and the Omega; the “I Am” in the Burning Bush; and the Spirit descending like a Dove on Jesus and Fire on the disciples; is in us, with us and for us. We can never be separated from the Love of God. DO Not Be Afraid!

Happy 91st Anniversary United Church of Canada. May you feel like a teen turning sixteen and awaiting to discover the greater things that God has in store for you, for us. Amen.

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