Some Thoughts – After the Tragedies of this week – July 8, 2016

When are we going to wake up and realize life is a gift to us and in return we must offer life to others. No exception of who they are.

We say “Belief” is what we need

Will leave everything to God.

Take the word apart and move around one letter and it becomes,

“Be Life”.

This life is not a competition or a race to fame and fortune: How many followers, how many tweets.

It is not a power trip to see who can oppress, repress and dominate – they too do not live forever on this earth, you know.

Life is a gift to be shared, to be embraced, nurtured and blossomed.


Open your eyes, don’t look outside but look within.

What color is your blood running through your veins?

It is RED –  we are ALL the same.

When our hearts break what color tears do you cry?

We cry clear tears – we all ache the same way.

Show me someone who cries or bleeds in different color and I will agree for us to have divisions.

But I just cannot!

All of Humanity, Women, Men, Children, alike; Coloured, White, Hispanic or other; Straight, Gay, Lesbian, or Other – Go ahead list your titles and the divisions we have created – WE ARE THE SAME!

All we need is Love – All we need to Offer is Love – All we MUST offer is Love.

Let us not say, “We are living in the last days”, folding our arms and wait with neglect.

But, let us make today the first day of Respect, Reverence, and Action to care for each other and uplift the lowly.

Let us not ask, “Why does God allow these things to happen?”

But, let us ask, “When are we going to take responsibility for our actions and stop hurting one another?”

We are ONE, people, we are ONE… either we accept the fact or not, we are the SAME.

Next time you get a paper cut, see if your own blood is not RED…

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