Your Context – Your Understanding – July 12, 2016

DSC_0046Today in conversation we were discussing thunderstorms and all the havoc it causes when it arrives and shakes our foundation, turning everything upside down – even to our core.

One person shared with me that when she was young her father used to tell her that thunder is God bowling in heaven. When she sees lightning that means God has hit a strike. Very simply, I chimed in and shared that when we were young, before the Civil War in Lebanon, at every lightning strike, my sisters, brother and I said, “Smile, God is taking a picture of you.” Of course our thinking changed a little when there were times we could not tell the difference between bomb shells and thunderstorms, but that is a whole another story.

Returning to yesterday, while I said these words, for the first time in my 48 years of life, I had an “AHA” moment about this.

My father was a photographer and in dark times he used a strong flash on his Canon Camera so that there is enough light for the images to print well. My sisters, brother and I always saw lightning as the flash of God’s camera in the middle of the storms, because our father was a photographer. We were familiar with this context.

All through theological school, professors have always said that context is essential to understanding the bible – we cannot take the printed word on face value, we need to dig deep and become archeologists. Today’s AHA moment was an awesome reminder of this.

It is interesting to be aware of what has affected and shaped our childhood and our lives; because everything we say shapes our thoughts and every thought shapes our personal and communal actions/lives.

What has affected you?

What are thunderstorms for you?

Can you see how we perceive God, Nature, Life, Reality? Each context has its own understanding.

May the Wisdom of the Spirit remind you to always go deep inside and find the real you, who is wonderfully and intricately made. Amen.

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