Last Day of Summer – September 21, 2016

Yesterday was our first presbytery plenary meeting after the Summer hiatus.

What an energetic, encouraging and enthusiastic group we are.

This was my second plenary meeting as the Chair and I was nervous at first, however we ended up having a smooth meeting and concluded things thirty minutes earlier than anticipated.

On my drive home, on County Road 8, I passed by Lake Eloida, and I wished my Nikon SLR camera was with me. There was a small island near the bay that barely had enough surface space to support six or seven mallards, but they were all resting on this small but firm space – their sanctuary for thcasino-fawar-4e moment.

There is something about ducks that I love. I wonder if it is something to do with my childhood. My father worked at a restaurant in Lebanon called Restaurant Al Fawar, in Antelias, and they had ducks and swans in one of their ponds. It was a place situated in a small valley – out of the city but yet in the city – full of natural waterfalls. When you arrived at the large gates of the restaurant you smelled the orange blossoms and the lilies that Mother Nature provided. There was serenity in the place and a symphony of waterfalls that created music which no human can create. I loved that place – I wanted us to go there any time possible. Every time we went to visit my father at work I made sure to go see my feathered friends and listen to the waterfalls that spoke beyond human words.

For the last thirty years, Canada has not disappointed me. I live in an area where the Canadian Geese fly over us twice a year and the Big Rideau Lake is less than a kilometer away. We do not have waterfalls near by, but the multitude of locks around us remind me of the waterfalls of my younger days.

At Lake Eloida, yesterday, there was one big mallard standing with its back to the group, as if trying to decide where to go get supper – or was that just me, thinking about my family and wondering what we will be having for supper; after being away for the entire day. This image of the mallards gathered together spoke to me, “All will be fed, do not worry about supper”. This picture stuck with me (as I type these words, I still see them). I wish someone can create a way to print out images from our minds – maybe not all images.

I got home and went through different scenarios of what to do about supper. The local Pizza Joint was not answering and their voice mail was not set up. Gary and I ended up deciding to go out for supper and have a date; while Dad and sister had supper at home as they had to go to their bowling league.

We left for Perth and arrived in front of the restaurant we intended to go to. There was a mild but very present noise from above that made me look up. In between the tree branches and the brick wall of the restaurant, I saw a long line of Canadian Geese just heading South-West.

I asked Gary to stop and look up and see what I am seeing. Tears started to well up in my eyes and the question came to my lips: “If people say there is no God, and there is nothing more to life than what we just see, how do these animals repeat their cycle of travels every year. Journeying together without any compass, GPS or MapQuest at hand?”.

On our arrival back home after eight o’clock, the sky was clear and dark, the stars were singing a masterpiece of praise in silence. There it was, an airplane high in the sky cutting through the stars and moving with a red light – carrying people who were on their journey to somewhere, to do business, or to see loved ones; to arrive home or they had just left home; and many other reasons to travel. They too had a purpose to journey together and be a community for a short period of time in the air, full of aspirations and new beginnings.

Friends, on this very last day of Summer of 2016, my hope is that we all look up to the heavens and fall upward – in awe and amazement to the One who is the Essence of All Presence and is the Essential Source of our Living – Now and Forever. Amen.

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