Exploring New Horizons… December 5, 2016

What an exciting moment to receive an e-mail this morning from the Galerie du Séminaire, in regards to the photos i had submitted for the Vernissage that will take place early 2017… Here is a portion of the e-mail.

“Dear Takouhi,

We are so pleased that you chose to engage with us in the UTC Galerie project “LET THERE BE LIGHT”. Thank you very much! It was encouraging to receive so many photos. This gives impetus to consider future themes for photographic works. You will be invited to the Vernissage for “Let There Be Light” and we will be sending you the dates and hours shortly. We do hope you will be able to attend. We will also let you know the regular hours when the Galerie will be open.  It is with pleasure that we have chosen all of the submissions you offered…”

This is truly an exciting moment in time… I am grateful to the Source of Life who has helped me come this far and of course to my husband who is always by my side supporting me in every layers-of-light-002aspect of my life. May Light and Grace abound!


This is one of five pictures I have submitted…


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