Advent IV – Sunday of Love – December 18, 2016

What a gift it is to go to church and be with those who have come together in spite of the freezing rain… Besides the congregants and visitors that were out to worship celebrations – we had five visitors at Elgin United Church, that live in the neighborhood – who knew!

When I entered Elgin United Church after doing the worship service in Portland, someone said, “You look tired” I told her, “I am, as I have not taken any days off these past two weeks; but I am certain I will soon be energized”.

The Spirit never disappoints me…

We started the worship service and we found out about the different visitors and we welcomed them.

Others who have been out of town have returned home for the Christmas Season, etc. etc… But the highlight of the worship service was six-year-old Ella.

Ella, the only child who was present at Elgin Worship and came forward for Children’s Time, gave me a gift that no money can buy – and energized me beyond words. When I asked everyone how does fear makes them feel, different answers were being thrown around and Ella and I were sitting on the floor together and she whispered, “But God is with me” I took off my lapel mic and asked her to repeat it for everyone to hear… Afterwards, I said, “You can all go home now” and we all laughed… But in reality, I meant it… That is the Good News of the Gospel…

What a gift it is to be able to experience the Spirit working through many different individuals. Yes, even a six-year-old girl.

So, the next time you are afraid of something, remember – God is with YOU… Don’t take it from me. Take it from Ella the six-year-old preacher in Elgin, Ontario…


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    • She is and very involved in church… She always wants to come and be at the pulpit with me, and I do not have a problem with that…


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