More than Eyes Can See – January 2, 2017

A quiet day.

Cleaning files.

Gathering things around the house to donate.

Preparing to face the new year more organized and calm.

I wanted to have a cup of tea before bedtime. While heading to the kitchen I wondered, “Where is Maya?”

But Maya is not around. She passed away on October 12, 2016 (Yom Kippur). I did not make anything out of it and did not say a thing, because we are dog sitting and wondered if having that little princess with us was making me think of Maya. But we had had this little princess with us since December 28, 2016… Why would this feeling come to me on January 2, 2017?

I made my tea, came back to the bedroom, continued to watch TV and enjoyed my cup of tea. As I was taking away my mug back to the kitchen, I wondered again, “Where is Maya?”

I said to myself, “What’s wrong with you, Maya is not physically with us anymore”. I came back to the bedroom and told Gary, “Honey, I do not know why, I keep on thinking about Maya tonight. As I passed by her carpet, where she usually lay, I thought of her”.

Gary turned around and gently said, “Today was Maya’s Birthday”. Then I realized… She would have been fourteen today.

What an AHA moment.

Isn’t it interesting how the heart knows and reminds us of things beyond what the eyes can see?

We are connected whether we realize it or not. This web of life is deeper and stronger than we ever comprehend.

As we begin this New Year, 2017, may you realize this gift that is beyond our imagination and embrace the moments that bind us together, even if it might bring a few tears to our eyes.

Life is Love – Love is Life – Embrace, Encircle, and be Enriched!



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