The Secret is God’s Vision in YOU!

Today, when I met with my supervisee, at our regular weekly meeting, I had an AHA moment.

Since 2009 I have heard about “The Secret”. It was a phenomenon when Oprah Winfrey had a panel of the authors on her show. Millions of copies of this book were sold and many, many lectures and gatherings took place, and still do, for everyone to find the secret of their life.

I cannot say that I have read the book or followed everything about this spectacle closely. From what I have heard and learned in the two direct sales companies I was involved with from 1992 to 2008, I always heard, set the goal, imagine it, work for it and it will happen. I did do phenomenal work. I did rank number nine all over Canada as a new manager in one company. Later on in the other company I recruited ten people in less than two months – I was never content, though.

I stayed at it until the time came that I was not able to continue. In 2002, I came so close to a nervous break down that the doctor said, you have to stop doing everything you are doing for three months – minimum. I did, as I had no choice.

I have to say, I did not achieve all the goals I envisioned and wrote down. Life happens and brings us through curves and edges, mountains and valleys. Things happen in life and not everything written down can be accomplished. Good things happen; bad things happen; regular things happen and extraordinary things happen. So, whenever I heard people on TV or through other medias claim that they accomplished things by just writing down, envisioning and focusing – I had doubts.

So, today, February 17, 2017 – as my supervisee mentioned how God will give the desires of our hearts if we just stay focused on the vision that we have in our heart and mind; the little voice inside of me woke up and said, “What if the Secret is in us already – it is God’s Vision planted in us, we just need to dig deep and see how we can nourish it to grow in silence, patiently”.

Today, the secret is out. Live with patience, perseverance and prayer, because at the end of the day – the dream, the will of God, for our lives is found within us, we just need to dig deep and help it grow.

Thanks be to God. Amen.

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