Where Words are Lost: Tears Roll Down

Today felt like Pentecost even though it is the First Sunday of Lent.

The Spirit was palpable, more than usual…

After a wonderful worship celebration at Portland United, I went to Elgin United Church and we began our Worship service. As usual, some of my reflection/sermon always gets modified on the second round, but the heart of the matter stays the same.

At the time of the prayer of Thanksgiving and Dedication I asked the Portland congregation to stretch their arms to the front, as I stood close to the suitcase that is full of goodies for El Salvador, leaving on Thursday, March 9th; as a sign of extending our love to our brothers and sisters in El Salvador, and asking God’s blessings of Peace to go with every single eraser, pencil and other items. The time came to do the same thing in Elgin United Church, however, at the time when we were singing the last verse of the offering song, I was moved to tears. I saw two of our Sunday school kids bring forth two brand new iPads to add to the suitcase. I knew about the iPads for two weeks now and I knew where they were coming from – there was something more than meets the eye.

I was reflecting on this on the drive home. I realized, my tears were not about what the gifts were, my tears were seeing the future of two students getting brand new electronic devices to help them in school. I believe my tears were also an accumulation of the Presence that I have been aware of this morning, at PUC and now EUC.

Friends, today’s passages that we concentrated on at church were Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7  and Matthew 4:1-11. When you look at them very closely they are similar stories, as they both focus on temptation, with two different outcomes. I will not re-write my sermon here, but you can listen to it online by going to our website: www.eppc-ucc.com and click on the YouTube icon and choose the March 5, 2017 video.

As we were passing the peace of Christ, I told someone, “I was not planning to cry today at church.” His answer was, “It is All Good” – And My heart also echoed, “It is Good”.

And I still echoed with him in the car and said, “It is Good”.

What a great reminder that The Spirit is alive around us, in us and through us. Listen to her and be attentive to the heartstrings of your soul, because your heart knows where the Spirit is tapping and giving you tears of Joy to share. Where there are no words, the magnitude of God’s Love rolls down the tears to remind us have been touched by Grace. Beloved, at the Heart of the Worship, the Spirit of Jesus touched us once again with the Spirit of Peace, Perseverance and Partnership. May this awareness also be evident in you and through you. Thanks be to God. Amen.

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  1. that is wonderful news. You will be changing the lives of many with your offerings. Praying for a wonderful, safe trip.


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