April 24, 2017 – 102 Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide

Hundred and two years today, the Armenians are still demanding the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, by the government, the Turks, who carried out such atrocities and also by other countries. In 2015, the Canadian Parliament passed Motion M-587 and declared the month of April as Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month and marked April 24 as Armenian Genocide Memorial Day.

This morning, as I prepare to go to Ottawa and walk with the Armenian People, my People. I praise God for the Perseverance, and the Power that God granted to our ancestors to live through and most of all, I thank God for the Perpetual Prayers and songs that the Spirit was able to grant the people to sing even when they were being persecuted.

We are the seeds that Turkey thought they buried us to die, but yet we rise up and blossom and continue to sing the songs of Love, of Hope, of Peace.

Here is a prayer written for the Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide:

Creator God,

With your breath you gave us life,

With your love you give us Resurrection.

On this 102nd commemoration of the Armenian Genocide we come into your presence with wings that were broken once,

by the evil plans of an empire that wanted to erase us from this earth, however your strength and wisdom has brought us this far and has blossomed our lives beyond our imagination,

beyond anyone’s plans.

Father and Mother of us all,

You have given the dry bones in the valley new flesh and blood and given birth to a new generation with the ancient faith of our ancestors.

Blessed God, you bring light out of darkness;

resurrected life out of death; peace in the middle of chaos; and living waters in the middle of deserts.

 You God has given us an inheritance that is imperishable and unfading.

Therefore today, as we gather to remember the Great Armenian Genocide, we remember ourselves with the spirit of our ancestors who knew no weakness – never surrendered – they knew they belonged to you and you alone.

Therefore, today, give us Courage once again to stand up against such atrocities and to work toward justice for ALL. Give us Wisdom to give your Spirit to guide us and make our faith the priority of our living.

 God, we know if we keep quiet about these vicious actions of the Ottoman Empire, the stones will speak, the earth will bleed the pain and the blood of your people.

 As the First Christin Nation, may our belief become our life. Our Breath become our prayers and our Prayers become our strength.

 O God of Peace, may we find peace within us and share that with all the earth. May the eternal Hope of our Fathers and Mothers once again embrace us and help us fly on higher grounds. May the wings that were clipped once, soar high up the mountains and rest upon our mountain, Your mountain, Ararat. The Mountain of Noah, the Mountain of Your Covenant.

 May we rejoice even when difficulties surround us.

And May the outcome of our faith always be:

Hope, Peace, Joy and Love  


2 thoughts on “April 24, 2017 – 102 Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide”

  1. Dear Takouhi:
    Thank you for the beautiful prayer for sharing your history with all of us. Thinking of you and all Armenians today. May continue to bless you. Sending you light for this journey. God bless.


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