Pentecost – The Promise of God

Promise of God,

You never fail.

Ray of Light,

You grant us Hope.

Author of all Good,

Your Word is Life.

Living Water,

You quench All thirst.

Consuming Fire,

burn away our worries

and set ablaze the fire in us.

Ardent love,

Your Passion gives Courage.

Spiritual balm,

You Salve our Pain.

Eternal Compassion,

Help us be compassionate.

Spirit of Wisdom,

Guide our Steps.

Spirit of Guidance,

Send us forth.

Spirit of Truth,

May we Live in Your Truth.

Spirit of Reconciliation,

May we Live in Peace.

Spirit of transformation,

Refine us again.

Spirit of Justice,

Help us to Act Justly.

Holy Spirit,

Faithful Promise,

Comforter in chaos,

Gift of God,

Breath of Life.

Fill the universe with Hope again.

May we live in Peace, in Joy and in Love. Amen.

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