Today was a day of Firsts.

I officiated my very first same gender wedding and after which I rushed to go and do an emergency baptism of a 6-week old baby.

It was an emotional roller coaster ride but it was a sacred one, nonetheless.

Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do, then I get a beautiful note like this one (below) that reminds me, our work is never in vain.

Here, I share this priceless note with all of you…


“Dear Takouhi,

I could not have imagined a more beautiful, fitting marriage ceremony than that which you performed today for Lucas and Stephen. I was uncertain how the vows would be worded for a same gender marriage.  They were poignant and true to the spirit of a marriage union.  I cannot thank you enough.

Talk about firsts!  This was my first attendance at a same gender wedding, the first wedding I have ever arranged (and in four days!), the first wedding on this property and it must be the first wedding to be witnessed in real time by people in Britain, South Africa and Portland, Ontario!

The day would have meant less with anyone else at the religious helm.  I know all ‘my boys’ were deeply moved by the experience you created.  I, personally, am inspired by your deep expression of faith and love and the way in which you shared that with us.

We never know what each new day brings us.

In fellowship,


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