It is ALL Worthwhile

Today we gathered at Hanna Park, Portland, ON for our Annual Outdoor Worship Service and Picnic Lunch.

Half of the regular congregants were not there, as there are other events going on on this day, where they have responsibilities.

In the morning, the clouds were covering the sun and i was almost tempted to say, “Let’s move the service at the Portland United Church building, just in case it rains.” But another voice discouraged me to make that phone call and trust Mother Nature.

As soon as I arrived at the park, a member of the churches I serve came and dumped a comment that disturbed me a bit… I asked God to give me the wisdom to sail through this and be fully present for this service that was planned out of our regular services… We were to hear songs from Canadian Artists, such as Ian Tyson, Neil Young, David Francey, Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell. We also had Communion that would have a choice of gluten free bread or homemade donuts… Yes, a very different, all Canadian Gathering.

Thank God – the service began and my “dump truck” started leaving my mind and heart and clearing the place for the Spirit to work in and through me…

During Communion, someone approached me with tears and said, “How Much I needed to be here”.

No, this person is not a regular church attendee, but he cam to this outdoor gathering for different reasons. That comment of his, not only gave me new life but also made me realize that whatever we are doing in the name of God for the glory of God and the good of ALL PEOPLE, it is all worthwhile.

Beloved, do not let tradition chin you up and make you a slave to a point where you would ignore the well-being of the other.

On this Canada Day Sunday and Everyday, may we live in respect to ALL Our Relations.


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