God Knows Our Needs

Today (July 6, 2017) is Nazani’s 21st birthday.

Nazani is a wonderful, beloved individual who is helping us at VBS (Vacation Bible School – 2017) at Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge. She came here from Montreal for this week, to share her musical gift with our VBS students. We have about 14-16 children and youth participating, daily, from 9:15 a.m. to noon.  Nazani did not come alone, she also brought her boyfriend, Rafi to help out with games.

We have been having a blast. Today, I wanted to get a special cake, a card, a gift, something special to mark Nazani’s 21st birthday. However, how can you hide such surprises from someone who is with you 24/7? Deep down in my heart, I was conversing with God and letting God do what is best and guide me accordingly.

So, this morning, got up and went to the church and started to carry on the day as usual. We begin with registration, a collection of games as we wait for others to arrive. After which we sing, learn to pray, hear a story, learn a memory verse. Followed with crafts, snacks and then outdoor games (weather permitting) and then we gather for a ten minute review of the day and conclude the day.

When the time for crafts arrived, every one went downstairs and I stayed upstairs to set up the snacks… All of a sudden, Mary, one of the VBS volunteers walked in, with a homemade, decorated, chocolate cake, a balloon, and a card for Nazani…

I was moved beyond words and reminded once again, “The Lord knows our needs.”

Once again God has proven to me how faithful and merciful God is… Beyond words can say.

Today, I am sharing this, because like me, I am certain many of us need a good reminder how Faithful God is and that is why we call God Righteous. A Righteous Character never forgets their promises… and God has promised us to give all the desires of our hearts that is GOOD for ALL.

Beloved, make your desires known to God and Wait upon the Lord. God is nearer than you think…


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