Still Learning…

Have you ever predetermined or prejudged an outcome of something, before you have discovered all the facts?

On Sunday, September 3, 2017, on our 17th wedding anniversary, I got to Portland Church around 8:45 a.m. and I saw a #10 envelope with a return address adorned with gold color fonts, in my mailbox.
I picked it up with excitement and wondered if it was from the Prime Minister of Canada, as the address was 1 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON. But a few minutes later, it dawned on me that this might be a standard thank you note from the Governor General, The Honourable David Johnston, to whom I had sent a copy of my first book of Poetry, Prayers and Photography (August 2016), through a friend.
A little voice inside of me, said, “I bet it is a standard thank you note prepared by his secretary and sent to all the people who send him a variety of things.” However, another part of me waited for something more than just a standard thank-you letter.
I opened the envelope carefully, as I did not want to harm the beautiful emblem on the envelope flap. To my surprise, this was not a standard thank you letter, this was a handwritten note, that expressed a humble and honourable person’s heart.   It reads:
“24, August, 2017

Dear Takouhi,
Thank you for your deeply touching book “The True Gift Lives on-
and your ‘verbatim’ interview and thank God for your journey to Canada and your ministry here.
I think of C. S. Lewis, ‘Surprised by Joy’ – what joy you show.
We will share your beautiful book with our 14 grandchildren. Yes, we are blessed.
The past 7 years have been lots of joy for Sharon and me.
We would be deeply grateful if you would remember us in your prayers.
Our Best Regards,
(his signature)”

What a learning curve!
Before I opened the letter, my thoughts predetermined that this must have been a standard thank you note                                                 prepared by an administrator – however, I am glad that my negative presumptions were put to shame.

How often do we jump to conclusions and prejudge others, and realize afterwards that we were so wrong?
This hand-written note, not only taught me how to NOT jump to conclusions, it also reminded me, that the character of a noble person is never predetermined by their titles, but by their kind heart and humbleness.
I am truly grateful to God for always guiding, teaching and reminding me to follow the footsteps of Jesus and remain grateful for all that I am, because of Grace.

May we continue to live a life of Grace, and continue to walk daily in the WAY of Jesus – Our brother, example and friend. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Still Learning…”

  1. Wow! That is so cool Takouhi. What a wonderful surprise. I think it is more about being humble than negative in response to that envelope. We really don’t expect someone to take the time to honour us, appreciate us for who we are. But people do really care. I think in ministry we don’t expect anything back so we are not disappointed. You have a wonderful spirit about you that I deeply appreciate. Have you considered being the Moderator of our church??? We need someone with compassion, a great sense of humour and a no nonsense person who could truly lead our church into the future. Oh my goodness that is YOU!

    • Dear Dorinda,
      Thank YOU!
      Many people have asked me to consider to run for the Moderator of UCC, and the thought scares me… But if it is God’s Call for me to do so, The doors will open.
      Thank You for your presence and Love… Hugs, T.


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