Christmas Talk before Remembrance Day

There are always people complaining that no one should talk about Christmas before Remembrance Day. 

This is what I believe.

I do not think, Christmas disrespects the Veterans who fought for Hope, Peace, Joy and Love; because the essence of the Original Christmas was exactly that, to bring Hope to those in darkness; Peace to those in war; Joy to those who were oppressed; and most of all Love to All. And that is what the Veterans fought for and put their lives on the line. However, many parts of the world has evolved so much, and ingrained in us a Christmas that means “SHOPPING” –  the materialism that we fall into, or some of us fall into around Christmas – And that part is the disrespectful part….

I grew up in a war torn country, I know what it means to have Hope in despair, Peace in war,  Joy in difficulties; and most of all Love in a pool of hate. I think all the veterans will agree that we must have all these four pillars of life to carry us through this journey.

So, do not let shopping and materialism get the best of you, talk about the original Christmas, which the veterans also fought for…

May we remember their Commitment for a better world, along side the baby that brought us the very First Christmas.

May we never forget that Grace is free but not cheap, just like our FREEdom that has a very high price attached to it.

Blessings of Peace to ALL

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