Snow Clearing – Egos Disappearing…

Those of us who live in Canada know what to do when that snow comes down and life becomes a stand still. Of course, this is not just in Canada, it happens anywhere that snow is inevitable. After I turned 50, on November 18, 2017, believe it or not, I became more interested in using the snow blower to help clear snow off our driveway and house entry then ever before. Maybe it’s because a few women around me have turned 80 and demonstrate how an active life can make us more agile and alert.

After a good two-week deep-freeze, it started to get warmer, and warmer weather always brings more snow. So, we got more snow. Gary and I waited as much as possible and went out after supper to clear up the snow. This time, Gary was feeling good enough that he wanted to take the task of using the snow blower. I was moving the cars around and using the shovel to clear snow wherever possible. Just when we were almost cleared and about to come in, I stood there and watched how the snow gets pulled into the snow blower and thrown in the direction that the pipe is facing. I said to myself, “I wonder how people handled snow removal before the blower was created and when was the first snow blower created?”

Then my thoughts wandered off, as usual, just like the blades that were propelling the snow in and sending it through the chute in the direction they needed to go. I thought, “What if the snow covering the driveway and the street is a representation of our ego and the snow blower is the spirit that comes to help our ego get minimized and moved into the right ‘place’ that it needs to be moved to, so that we make better paths for others”.

I know, I have quite a far-fetched imagination; however, the more I thought about it, the more it spoke to me. Like snow, our ego can start small and steady and then it becomes a storm that can close down all paths of life for us and others. But when we are ready to get pulled into the Spirit’s Call and adhere to go through the process of minimizing our ego, then we allow paths of life to open and make room for others and ourselves to go on and walk on the path that we need to go on.

You know, I did not realize that the first snow blower patent goes back to 1870, that is 148 years ago… What a wonderful gift to all of us from someone, who we do not even know personally, but has left us and the generation after us a gift for a better life. What a gift it is to be able to say, “Let’s live our days not only to do what is best for ourselves, but for everyone”. And, when we leave this earth let us do our best to leave this place better than how we found it.

May you have a blessed week where you see and hear God’s Spirit speak to you and mould you with God’s Love, even when you are doing the dreary chore of clearing snow. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Snow Clearing – Egos Disappearing…”

  1. This message is amazing and came to me at the perfect moment! Thanks so much! Very interesting and well written. Wishing you a day blessed with energy and love.

    • Dear Susan,
      Sorry for this delayed reply…
      I am so glad that this blog came to you at the perfect moment.
      That is how the Universe Works.
      May the Easter Season bring forth blossoms of transformed life.

  2. Thanx my friend for sharing your thoughts. You have a way of getting a point across in a gentle and vivid way. Blessing to you and yours.

    • Dearest Barb,
      I did not realize, I have not replied to you on this comment… Please accept my apologies.
      Thanks so much for writing to me and sharing your thoughts, as it reminds me that our efforts to learn from each other is not in vain.
      I pray that you are well and we will see each other soon.
      Peace at this Easter Season and Always,


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