Trust Revisited…

Dearly Beloved,

Today, I want to share with you the miracle of trust.

This morning, I got up and I counted the days, and we are one month away from the Sabbatical Journey to Lebanon. There are many emotions with this anticipation of going back to a place that I left thirty-five years ago.

As most of you know, the pastoral charge that I serve, the Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge has been fundraising to reach out to the refugee children who are unable to receive education. The initiative we started is called: “Peace through Education – Lebanon”.

Many have given generously, near or far, friend, family and even strangers. We have also done a few events to help raise more funds. The next event is on August 18, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. at Portland United Church – a Fiddlers’ Concert (Mary’s Merry Minstrels). Over 15 fiddlers are going to come and play music free of charge to help us receive a free-will offering/donations that will be wholly dedicated to this Initiative. However, I am not writing to you to promote this upcoming event, but to share the miracle of trust, once again.

This morning, I was thinking that our funds have not yet reached the goal I was hoping to get to, $35,000.00, as a symbol of the 35 years that I have been away from Lebanon, but I was reminded that it is not the amount of money that is the aim of this initiative, but the love and the solidarity that we will show with these communities in Lebanon, who are doing the work of God without any discrimination. So, I said, “Ok, God my trust is in you. I will let go numbers and let YOU, the God of ALL Goodness, do ALL that is GOOD.”

I got ready to go and officiate a celebration of life and being encouraged myself from the music, prayers and words from the heart; I returned home to go for another appointment. When I got home, there was a small envelope addressed to me, but the address was the place I lived nine years ago, when I was a student minister, in this area. I opened it up and I got a sacred surprise. A $500.00 cheque from Calgary, AB, mailed only three days ago and made it to my home office, even with a wrong address, for “Peace Through Education-Lebanon”. A portion of the note reads: “Please accept our donation to help you through your efforts to make ‘Peace’ become a reality through education”

Once again, Grace has knocked everything out of the park and reminded me that God is always up to something GOOD. All we need to do is our best with TRUST, and leave the rest to God.

Having shared that, if you have given to this initiative already, “THANK YOU!” If you are considering it, you may still give generously online at this link:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Because of Grace,


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  1. A beautiful reminder that “In God We Trust.” May the “Peace through Education” goal be realized and your efforts be a blessing to all.


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