Let There Be Light – Collection for Sale

Dear Friends,

Back on August 24, 2016, my very first book of Poetry, Prayers and Photography arrived at our doorstep – “The True Gift Lives On”. This day was a historical one, as it marked thirty years and three days from the date of my arrival to Canada.

The first thing I did was make a list of names to send a gift copy to individuals to say thank you for being part of my journey. Of course, I started with my family, closest friends and institutions such as Concordia University’s Theology Dept. and the United Theological College, both in Montreal – two institutions who helped me journey through the road of academia with mercy and grace. They helped me be the very first ordained Armenian woman minister within the United Church of Canada (maybe even all of Canada for all we know).

A few weeks later, I received an e-mail from the secretary of UTC, on behalf of their principal at that time, the Rev. Dr. Philip Joudrey, “If I have considered entering any of these photos for the exhibition that the college is gearing up to launch January 2017”. These pictures needed to be submitted and museum curators were to select the appropriate pictures for the exhibition called, “Let There Be Light”. Artists can submit up to five (5) images and not all may be selected.

My first reaction was, “my pictures are not going to be selected, why bother”. Of course, my husband Gary, said, “What do you have to lose, you are submitting them through e-mail, NO?” He was right. I lost nothing and gained an experience of having all five pictures selected for the exhibition that ran from January – May 2017.

Today, a few weeks away from my very first sabbatical, I have decided to sell these five original framed photographs to help me with my own travel expenses to Lebanon and Armenia. I have discovered that there are grants available for interim ministers and ministers taking a sabbatical for educational purposes, but none for a minister with a missional journey; which makes me ask, “Since when did Jesus say, ‘go and educate yourselves’?” (Please do not misunderstand me, I do believe education is very important and that is why the initiative for the sabbatical journey is called ”Peace through Education-Lebanon”).

I have no doubt that God already has provided all that I need, because I know that Grace has brought me this far and Grace will never forsake me. However, to experience miracles we also need to participate with God in trust, so that we can see miracles unveil. Therefore, I have decided to sell these original framed photos for my own expenses for the sabbatical journey, which begins September 11.

I’m calling this group of pictures, “The Let There Be Light Collection”. I am offering each original framed and signed photo at $250.00 plus shipping and handling (Each photograph is embraced within a matt black frame, 11″x14″).

As a special thank you, for making this purchase and supporting my sabbatical journey to Lebanon to promote Education for the refugee children in Lebanon, I am including an autographed copy of my book “The True Gift Lives On”. Both the framed photo, and the book will truly make any room richer and “brighter”. Please contact me at takouhi@terrautopia.ca to organize your purchase.

I remain humbly within God’s Grace,
Takouhi Demirdjian-Petro


















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