Father’s Day – June 21, 2020

On this Father’s Day, I am grateful for the man named, 
Vramshabouh Demirdjian, my father. Vramshabouh was the name of a king in Armenia, whose reign is most noted over the creation of the Armenian alphabet in 405 to 406.

My father may not have been a king himself, but he was a survivor of The Armenian Genocide. Who worked 24/7 as a photographer, to feed six children – and was barely in any pictures as he was always working/ taking the pictures himself. So, I literally have three physical pictures of us in an album (included here – pictures from pictures are not always the best). However, his love, care and courage, plus the Grace of God, have helped me to fight obstacles of life; and be who I am today. He even taught me how to take pictures, how to number them, so that when his clients would order reprints, they will be easy to reproduce. He did this for his clients at the school (The Armenian Evangelical School, Shamlian Tatigian); and also for his clients at the restaurant where he had a dark room to develop the pictures and sell them to the restaurant’s clients- This is much before the smart phone era.

One day in 1981, when the church youth group was going on a field trip to Faraya (a village and municipality in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon), my mother convinced him to give me his professional camera, the one that was the bread earner for the family.  A few days later when he developed the pictures he told me, “Daughter, You’ve done well – even from a moving car you have focused and captured it well.”

Today, at 52, after 36 years of my father’s departure from this physical world, I am so grateful to the Holy Creator for granting me a father that left a Loving and courageous legacy in my heart.

My father taught me many lessons of life, but most of all taught me not to be afraid of the dark moments of life, because to create amazing photos one needs a dark room to develop them.

I may NOT have enough pictures of us to share with the world, but, there’s enough Love that lives in my heart because of him and I share that with whoever comes my way…  Happy and Blessed Father’s Day to all Fathers, Father Figures and Spiritual Fathers. May you know that every act of kindness, care and LOVE is not in vain – so Live Love Wastefully because everything in this life is temporary, except LOVE!
Thanks be to the Source of Love.

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