Gary’s Health Update – January 16, 2021

Dear Family and Friends,
Many of you have asked about Gary’s health.
Here is an update from Gary himself.
Thank you for your Love, Concern and most of all for your Prayers.
May Blessings of Peace and Perseverance Abound,
From Gary:
I have spent less and less time on FB recently as I just found that seeing the important things through all the ads and videos was getting more and more difficult.
That being said I felt it necessary to share an update. I saw my neurologist yesterday and my prognosis is the same as it was when I was diagnosed with CIDP a year or so ago – there is no cure and I will continue to decline over time. The only bright spot is that I do not appear to have the more aggressive form. I will see him again in 8 months to follow up.
Even with medication, I wake up every day with pain in my hands, arms, and feet which only sees some relief after 4 hours or so. So, I struggle to get through each morning as I work and push to make it to the end of the day. Thankfully I have worked from home for the past 9 years and hope to do so for many more since I do love my work, but there are days I wish I did not have to work, but in the end being busy is better than just doing nothing.
Without the support and love of my wife and family, life would be supremely difficult and I cannot thank them enough for that.
I now understand the pain that my mother experienced for many many years and I think she may have had something similar to CIDP in addition to her other ills.
For those suffering with pain and illness, I sympathize with you and hope that over time cures will come for us all.
God bless!

12 thoughts on “Gary’s Health Update – January 16, 2021”

  1. Gary, glad to have this update. Prayers for continuing strength of spirit as you manage your challenges. Keep on and on with joyful heart.

  2. Thanks for sharing this update Gary, and our prayers for relief go out to you. Hopefully, as you said, a cure will be found for CIDP! God Bless!

  3. Life with chronic pain is so difficult but the love and caring of family does help you gain the strength to deal with what each day brings. So very sorry to hear of your struggle.

  4. As Kate Bowler has said…”Life is beautiful….life is hard.” Both SO true. Gary, with your permission I’d love to add you to our Friday morning prayer session in Cleveland….

  5. Dear Gary, I totally understand your pain and can empathize with your daily struggles.
    I too struggle daily with fibromyalgia in my legs, feet and shoulders. I also have arthritis in my hands.
    I pray to my Lord each day for strength and tolerance. You will be in my prayers too Gary.
    Hugs, Carol Ann Brown


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