Imperfect Beings Living Through the Perfect Love of God – May 1, 2022

Why bother to become a Full Member at a Community of Faith?

There are many things in life that make us wonder. So, imagine how many more questions people have about Spirituality, Religion, and being part of a Community of Faith.

By no means does a minister have all the answers, but sometimes a minister can offer explanations to help us find our way.

Today, I invite you to think how your home address is essential to your everyday life; and how it is the place that you connect with your immediate family, and also how friends and extended family know to connect with you there.

First, your home address is where you live. It’s where you hang your hat, put your head on a pillow, and go to sleep at night in safety. Your home is where you take time to rest, rejuvenate and restore your tired body and mind. Of course, there are many other things we can list here, but you get the picture. Similarly, being a full member of a Community of Faith is to know where you belong. This is not about an exclusive membership, where we are offered the front of the line benefits – NO!

Of course, we all belong to God, we are all called Beloved by the Creator. However, to officially be a Full Member of a church community is to know the address of your Spiritual Home; and go to the front of the line to offer your gifts to the world and make a difference.

A Community of Faith is that safe space/community that you belong to, and it is the place where your soul rests, rejuvenates, and restores itself. Moreover, as mentioned before, it is the place where you offer your God-given gifts and talents and make this world a better place. It is a place where respectful relationships grow in a safe environment.

Beloved, at Grace United Church we welcome all who want to officially become Full Members of this small Community of Faith and live with us through the Perfect Love of God. As I always say, we are all imperfect human beings attempting to live through the Perfect Love of God.

The process to become a Full Member at Grace United is simple, but a sacred invitation. About four times a year, we officially welcome Full Members during our Worship Celebration. Those who decide to join this small but loving community should connect with Rev. Takouhi by e-mail, or confidential direct tel.: 613-777-0880.

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