New Life in Darkness – November 23, 2022

Holy God,
You are the Source of
All Light, Life and Love.
In the beginning,
You brought Life out of nothing,
Light out of darkness,
Love in the turmoil of emptiness.

In the midst of darkness,
You grant us New Light
In the presence of death,
You bring forth New Life
In the midst of unknowing
Your Love becomes known.
Every darkness brings a new dawn,
A New Beginning, Hope for the Journey.

Our existence is a gift from you.
Our breath is your breath in us.
Like a coin, our reality has two sides:
Light and Dark
Day and Night
Life and Death
Life after Death.
But all in ALL
You are here,
You are there,
You are everywhere.
You never leave us nor forsake us
You journey with us through the thick and thin
And remind us to be still and know that
You are God.

Thanks be to You, O Holy One,
The One who was and is and forever will be.
We praise Your Name
In the daylight of Life
and the dark times of the night.
You gift us New Life over and over again.


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