Words from the Heart for The Rev. David Timpson: A Man After God’s Own Heart – February 28, 2023

Dearly Beloved,

I am Takouhi Demirdjian-Petro, and I serve the Creator through Grace United Church in Gananoque, the Canadian Gateway to the Thousand Islands.

Today, I stand here before you because I had the amazing privilege to know David and Brenda since 2009, when I came to Ontario from Quebec to do my internship at Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge in the Rideau Lakes Township (between Ottawa and Kingston).

When I moved to Portland for the eight-month internship, I did not know the area and felt lost and out of place. However, there was a minister, Rev. David Timpson, who served the neighbouring Delta-Toledo Pastoral Charge, and I got to meet him and his wife Brenda often. Between David, Brenda and many other ministers, I felt so at home and comfortable living in this rural area for the very first time, on my own. My husband and family had remained in Quebec, supporting my journey 100 percent, even while he was laid off from his work.

Today, I am not here to tell you my story, but I am here to be a witness to a man, and his wife, who embraced this student minister and became a spark in that pillar of fire that God used to lead Ancient Israel through the desert of life into the Promised Land …

Many times, I remember David and Brenda knocking on my door and bringing me different necessities of life from their communities of Faith — water, groceries, and monetary help, but most of all, their encouraging words and guidance, which still ring in my mind and heart.

My journey took me back to Quebec to complete my seminary studies and ordination. I then served in Quebec, and then God led me and my family back to Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge, where I served from Feb. 1, 2013, to Nov. 1, 2020.

Throughout this journey, I got to work closely with David in different capacities, and it was always clear to me that David truly was a man after God’s own heart.

I can say this confidently: David, as a minister, or as a Pastoral Relations minister at Bay of Quinte or The Regional Council, wore his heart on his sleeve.

He demonstrated his leadership during the annual general meetings, where we celebrated all ministers who were retiring or all those who had passed away. He made sure to bring honour to all.

As the Chair of Presbytery, I have had many conversations with him regarding different pastoral charges going through difficult patches and I still hear him say, and I paraphrase: “No matter what, Takouhi, first thing is to Love these people and then do our best to guide and lead them to reconciling lives with one another and their spiritual leaders.”

David made the Ancient Love of God his way of living, loving, and caring for all. And Brenda, you helped him on his journey. You were both truly amazing partners to help transform the world. And now, all you have to do is hold on to that love that you both shared, and continue the journey with him in your heart.

You know this as well as all other ministers: Love NEVER dies. Be strong, hold on to Love, and carry on the work ahead of you and continue to transform the world.

As for David, all I can say is: David, you have entered your rest, but your work through the church in different levels, and the entire world, was never in vain, and your memory will continue to bless this world in many ways and places.

Well done, good and faithful servant!
Enter your eternal rest and share your master’s happiness!

Your Sister Through Christ,

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