Broken & Spilled Out – VIBE closing prayer – March 8, 2023

Holy One, 
We come to you and offer all that we are
      and all that we have. 

We come to you broken and spilled out,
      tired and worn out from the way of the world,
      and TURN to Your Love; because Your LOVE
      breaks down barriers, builds relationships,
      and strengthens us to CARRY ON. 

We pray, wholeheartedly,
      and bow down at the feet of Your LOVE
      and surrender all selfish ways and live in
      the WAY of Your LOVE. 
Help us to be believers, and not traitors. 
Disciples who follow, and do not slumber.  

As we each go our way, help us remember to walk
      in the Way of Jesus and go wherever
You send us with Courage and Compassion.  
We pray because of Jesus, 
      our example, teacher and friend. 

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