Snow Clearing – Egos Disappearing…

Those of us who live in Canada know what to do when that snow comes down and life becomes a stand still. Of course, this is not just in Canada, it happens anywhere that snow is inevitable. After I turned 50, on November 18, 2017, believe it or not, I became more interested in using the snow blower to help clear snow off our driveway and house entry then ever before. Maybe it’s because a few women around me have turned 80 and demonstrate how an active life can make us more agile and alert. After a good two-week deep-freeze, … Read more

Because of Traffic, I Found a New Song…

This year, one of the highlights was our family trip to California. My husband, Gary, and I had not been there since April 2008 – That is a long while, especially when you have beloved family and friends there. My Father-in-law, who turned 86 on October 18, had never been to California and only took his very first flight ever, in April of 2013. So, imagine what an impact this trip was going to have on all of us, seeing loved ones, going to Palm Springs (thanks to my sister Ruth and her husband Donald for the beautiful accommodations at … Read more

Christmas Talk before Remembrance Day

There are always people complaining that no one should talk about Christmas before Remembrance Day.  This is what I believe. I do not think, Christmas disrespects the Veterans who fought for Hope, Peace, Joy and Love; because the essence of the Original Christmas was exactly that, to bring Hope to those in darkness; Peace to those in war; Joy to those who were oppressed; and most of all Love to All. And that is what the Veterans fought for and put their lives on the line. However, many parts of the world has evolved so much, and ingrained in us … Read more

All Saints Sunday – 2017

On All Saints Sunday, we remember those who have passed into eternity from our immediate community and are somehow connected to the community of Faith that I serve. Keeping in mind that all who have gone before us have left us LOVE that no one can steal. This year it was more poignant than ever before. On November 1, 2017, which is All Saints Day in the life of the Church, our community lost a community pillar who was a colleague and a friend – David Scotland. During the worship service when I was serving Communion (by Intinction), as each … Read more

Thought #3

“A Life of Spirituality begins with Communication, Relationships. Entering a relationship with the One, the self and the other.” Rev. Takouhi Demirdjian-Petro

Loving the Other…

Today, August 21, 2017 marks the 31st Anniversary of my entry to Canada. What a journey it has been. I do not recall knowing much about Canada; however, circumstances and obstacles brought us here. We came to Canada because one of my sisters was unable to obtain a tourist visa to enter the U.S.A. So, two of my sisters from Lebanon, Ruth and Choughik, came to Canada with hopes to cross the border to the U.S.A. In the meantime, a miracle broke through. While still in Lebanon, they heard that the Canadian Government opened the doors for Lebanese citizens to … Read more

Let it Be – A Prayer of Hope and Healing

Today at both worship celebrations, (Portland and Elgin) this prayer was spoken after  “Let it Be” by The Beatles, was sung…. Prayers of Hope and Healing…. God of favor and purpose, You have clothed us with a robe of righteousness. And journey with us wherever we go – even in the midst of the pit of darkness… You are with us in our deepest pain, fear, and bewilderment. Help us to Let it be, Lord, let it be. You hear our cry when others turn a deaf ear and a cold heart. You lift us from the depths of discouragement … Read more

The Church is NOT a Building

For the past five weeks, we completed the DVD study of John Ortberg’s, “God is Closer Than You Think”. John is a Presbyterian pastor in California and we have been enjoying his studies. The first one we did was, “Soul Keeping”, which made us fall in love with his simple but yet profound insights; therefore, we went on to do another study from his, which is this one. The following points are a few things that stuck with me: First, God wants a relationship with every single individual. God is NOT sitting on a throne and checking a list of … Read more

God Knows Our Needs

Today (July 6, 2017) is Nazani’s 21st birthday. Nazani is a wonderful, beloved individual who is helping us at VBS (Vacation Bible School – 2017) at Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge. She came here from Montreal for this week, to share her musical gift with our VBS students. We have about 14-16 children and youth participating, daily, from 9:15 a.m. to noon.  Nazani did not come alone, she also brought her boyfriend, Rafi to help out with games. We have been having a blast. Today, I wanted to get a special cake, a card, a gift, something special to mark Nazani’s 21st … Read more

It is ALL Worthwhile

Today we gathered at Hanna Park, Portland, ON for our Annual Outdoor Worship Service and Picnic Lunch. Half of the regular congregants were not there, as there are other events going on on this day, where they have responsibilities. In the morning, the clouds were covering the sun and i was almost tempted to say, “Let’s move the service at the Portland United Church building, just in case it rains.” But another voice discouraged me to make that phone call and trust Mother Nature. As soon as I arrived at the park, a member of the churches I serve came … Read more