Language of the Heart – The Lord’s Prayer

Have you ever offered to do something then felt nervous about it, because you have never done it before? On July 30th, I replied to a mass e-mail that was sent to all GC42 attendees to wear something that represents their heritage for the Saturday, August 8th evening worship, in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Contemplating it for a while, I could not help but reply back, “I do not have any Armenian folklore garbs available, but I can sing the Lord’s Prayer in Armenian”. A scary thought to get up and sing in front of four to five hundred people, but … Read more

Canada’s 42nd Election – UCCC’s 42nd GC – 2015

When I heard the news that Canada’s 42nd election was called today (August 2, 2015), some kind of an alarm went off in my mind and heart. Because, for the very first time this year, I am attending the 42nd General Council of the United Church of Canada in Corner Brook, Newfoundland (Aug. 8 – 14). I was elected to be a commissioner – given the chance to have a “voice”, one of the voices of the Four Rivers Presbytery that I am part of. There are many recommendations for change that are coming forth within our United Church and … Read more


Every day is a piece of the larger puzzle that we create. Every moment is the revelation of the bigger picture. The pieces have dark and light images, but ALL make up One picture. With its beauty and bleak moments, we do know that unimaginable possibilities are found in every moment for all of us to grow deep and expand our horizons. The purpose of this blog is to share my journey. The blogs are divided into two sections. One will be snippets of my personal life (Personal Pieces) and the other will be my ministry life (Ministry Pieces); however … Read more