God’s Jurisdiction Our Gladness – February 23, 2022

Dear God, You created us for Relationships of Love, Joy and Respect. You delight in us more than words can say, help us delight in you in that same way. We are deaf at times, Help us hear the music of Your Eternal Love, even if there’s nothing playing. Remind us once again that the Joy of the Lord, is our strength. Because You are the fountain of Joy even in despairs of life; our Hope in anguish, and our Light in darkness. Your oil of gladness never runs out, even if life can sometimes bring forth unspeakable losses. We … Read more

You Love Us Fully – Feb. 2, 2022

Holy One, who is Grace and Compassion, Healer and Helper, We surrender ourselves, the world and the entire Creation to Your Love. Tonight, may Your Grace Heal us, Your Compassion Help us. May the broken places of our lives allow your love to sneak in and your light lead our path. You come to us disguised as ourselves and remind us we are favoured more than we can imagine. Your Love is unconditional, dissolving the toxicity and the shame that the world has burdened us with. Tonight, as we sleep, help us hear your voice calling our name and remind … Read more

We Are ALL Part of the Universe

Light in Darkness

It is the Sunday morning worship celebration at Portland United Church – August 6, 2017. While I was sitting on one of the chairs at the pulpit, I sensed a presence that was unexpected – or was it expected? I sensed that the late Councillor of our town, Mr. Doug Good, was present. I know he tragically passed away with his buddy, Mike Carty, this March 10, while I was in El Salvador; and I was not sure why was I having these feelings. I wondered and asked myself, “What is it that has me feeling this way?”. A few … Read more

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