One Little Turn can Make a HUGE Difference – January 22, 2020

It is one of those days, where your mind rushes everywhere but your heart is calm and there is Peace beyond measure. Many reports to be written – the life of a minister in January and February of every year. This year it is not just Annual General Meetings’ reports but also student supervision reports for the beautiful student minister I have been accompanying since March 8, 2019. Since my amazing experience with my supervising minister back in 2009, I have wanted to become a supervising minister myself and in 2016, I had the privilege to be able to take … Read more

“You ARE Enough” the Spirit Says – November 21, 2019

One of the Gifts of living in Rural Ontario is living a life without much traffic, however we still drive at least forty-five minutes or so to get to a Regional Council Meeting, medical appointment, hospital visits, etc. I’d rather drive far and listen to something nourishing my spirit than getting stuck in traffic and deal with drivers who are always in a rush causing traffic and accidents. Today was one of those days. Even though I am on a break this week from my daily responsibilities at the two churches I serve, I knew that attending the Regional Council … Read more

Canadian Thanksgiving – October 12, 2019

There is more to Thanksgiving than this one day! There was no Thanksgiving Holiday in Beirut, Lebanon where I was born and lived the first fifteen years of my life. But I still remember the Gratitude that my mother uttered with her whole heart no matter how dark life moments were in that war torn country. I remember that whenever I sighed, she would say, “Daughter, say ‘Thanks be to God. Do not waste your exhalation, like that’”. A funny thing… these days, whenever I sigh and, some days, I sigh more than others, her Spirit whispers, “Say Thanks be … Read more

The Gift of Time – July 28, 2019

Below is an article that was written to honour Doug and Peggy Bond… May it be a blessing and a reminder that whatever we do, we do for the Greater Good… So, offer your Gifts, Talents, Time and Finances to make a difference… ****************************************** Time is a rare and precious commodity that many people do not realize. In the Portland United Church and the greater community of this area, we have a man of faith who has dedicated all his life to the Mission of God, alongside was his late wife. These individuals are Doug Bond and his late wife, … Read more

Days Like These – July 22, 2019

In the song titled, “Nobody Told Me” John Lennon, repeatedly says, “Nobody told me there’d be days like these Nobody told me there’d be days like these Strange days indeed — most peculiar, mama…” These words and the music were playing on my mind and heart when I was driving home from Brockville General Hospital, after being with a congregant who breathed his last breath, on July 15, 2019, surrounded with his family, doctor, nurse, me and The Spirit of Peace. I have not heard this song for a long time, but somehow it popped in my head. Today, a … Read more

Trash or Treasure – June 3, 2019

The late Phyllis Tickle has said, and I believe it is in her book, “The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why” (October 1, 2008) that churches go through great transitions every 300-500 years. It is like purging the attic of a house to see what is worth keeping and what needs to go. In the last few months, the neighbouring United Churches where I live and serve have met twice. Our first meeting was held on March 30th and the second, just a few days ago on June 1. In conversations we had many questions come up: What … Read more

God’s Providence: A Tap on My Shoulder – May 8, 2019  

Today, Wednesday, May 8, 2019, at our V.I.B.E. (Venturing Through Biblical Education) morning gathering, we shared how we each have, and continue to experience God’s Providence in our daily lives in different ways. We have been reading the wonderful book by The Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann titled, “The Bible Makes Sense”. Today’s reading, Chapter 2, talks about how we are fed in the wilderness of life, just like Ancient Israel was fed the Heavenly Manna while they were going through the desert of life to The Promised Land. My Personal AHA moment from this chapter was, now that I am … Read more

Be a Blessing & Be Blessed on this Holy Thursday – April 18, 2019

Holy Thursday reminds us how Jesus is glorified by becoming a servant. Holy Thursday empowers us to love and serve each other as Jesus did. Here are a few pictures from the gathering that took place at Elgin United Church (The Elgin-Portland Pastoral Charge). A Holy Thursday Service of Anointing and Communion. Holy Thursday is A Gathering to Remember Jesus and his disciples around the table of Love, where Jesus washed their feet, shared the Bread of Life and the Cup of the New Covenant sealed with his blood. Here is a prayer that we prayed as a Community of … Read more

A Balancing Act – October 8-10, 2018

Foreword: This post is a culmination of the last days of our trip to Lebanon as on January 15, 2019 my sabbatical concluded. My next task is to organize the over 7000 photos we have and post them for your enjoyment. **************************************************************** Sunday, October 7, 2018, we arrived at my sister’s place after 7:30 p.m. exhausted from the horrendous traffic that took us over three-and-a-half-hours to get home instead of an hour and fifteen minutes; but we were exhilarated by the  beautiful day spent with family, friends, with overflowing conversations, and nevertheless witnessing another beautiful sunset while descending from the … Read more

Lost and Found – October 6-7, 2018

Saturday, October 6, 2018, we got picked up by my niece, to go to her house in Zahle, the third largest city in Lebanon with a population of about 120,000. My niece lives there with her husband and two daughters. The distance from Beirut is about an hour but with traffic and winding roads, it is a good two hours and a half. She showed to us a new highway is being built and told us, next time we would use that road. We were grateful that she came all the way to Beirut to pick us up to spend … Read more