Butter Croissant – September 16, 2016

Recently there have been many conversations going on about God’s existence.

So, I took a few moments to reflect and this is my reflection.

If individuals claim they are atheists, but they still want to run all inclusive communities by saying “We do not believe in God”, they just made themselves exclusive, because they excluded God, the source of all Life and Essence.

Maybe, just maybe, our theology changes and that is a very good thing. Once I heard someone say, “If your theology of the past does not think your theology of this moment is heretic, you have not grown in faith”. My theology, faith – whatever word you want to use, has changed – but my experience with the unseen Presence, Essence, Creator, Father, Mother, Spirit, Universe has become more real.

Yes, I no longer follow the thought process that God is some male character sitting on a throne above the clouds and is watching every move I make – similar to Santa Claus. But I do know deep in my heart and mind that there is a Presence that is beyond my comprehension which is Present and journeys with me. It is that breath which is closer than my own breath and leads me to Love – love of the self and the other and helps me grow beyond my imagination.

This Presence is also the One that connects us, if we are open to the idea of having loving, caring, respectful relationships.

Yes, just maybe, this Presence is not so evident to the physical eye, but it is PRESENT. Many a times, in my lowest moments this Presence been more than evident to me – This Presence has been my Strength and my Refuge.

I want to leave you with this thought…

Have you ever enjoyed a nice butter croissant, at a French Café, or at home?butter-croissant

Do you see the butter when you eat it?

No, You experience it on your fingers, in your mouth with your taste buds…In other words, you only taste it and if you are eating it with your fingers – the butter leaves evidence on your fingers that it has been there…

You first need to hold on to the butter croissant so that you can have the signs of its Presence, even when we cannot see.

May God’s Presence, Essence and Love be as tasty, sweet as a butter croissant that you enjoy it with Gratitude with EVERY breath you take. Amen.

Hanging in There…

20160130_164559[1]It has been a busy week. Annual reports, Sunday morning prep for new members, a child’s baptism, pastoral care through visits, phone calls, e-mails and Facebook messenger. I was registered for a full day workshop on Friday the 29th, I withdrew myself, as I realized on Wednesday evening how many things I have to get done before Sunday.

Barely had a day off, and by Saturday afternoon, January 30, around 4 p.m. my head felt full of stuff and I needed fresh air. Thanks to Maya, our Golden Retriever, who was restless and pacing the corridor, I decided to get my coat on and go for a walk. We are so blessed to be living close to the Cataraqui Trail. Got ready and set for a walk.

What a gorgeous afternoon. A little breezy but not frigid. As we start our walk, I started praying for all who are on my mind and in my heart: family, friends, congregants, communities we live in and of course the wider world. Slowly but surely my stuffy head started to open up to the sounds and the presence around me. The crisp snow under my feet gave me the bounce to walk on a cloud and be free from all that is tying me down.

I started to worry a bit about Maya, as she has a sensitive paw and sometimes she cannot stand the cold snow, even though she loves rolling in it and eating it like a slushy. So I started to turn back home. I was quiet and the breeze was becoming audible. I heard rustling, the type that I can hear around Autumn alone. So I stopped and paid attention where it was coming from – all the trees look bare but I found a tree that still had dry leaves on it. The wind was moving it but those leaves were still hanging on to the branches. This is when I had an AHA moment. “It does not matter how dried up we might feel we are still alive and can make our voices heard and touch someone in gentleness”.

I was refreshed, rejuvenated and returned home, only to see my neighbour taking her dog for a walk and we went for another walk with them.

What a joy it is to have peace and be open to our surroundings who are always teaching us a new thing, if we only listen.

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