Blessing Out of Darkness

We cannot look at ENDINGS as termination, but NEW ways of living. They are opportunities to a new, transformed, ways of doing things…

Recently, I was going to attend a lecture with a friend of mine, but many obstacles made us late in reaching our destination on time. First, there was a Union demonstration at the entrance of the university campus that made us wait for over fifteen minutes to get on campus grounds. Afterwards, when we got in the gates, we kept looking for the specific building that we needed to get to and did not have any luck. We drove round and round and made our way to the end of the campus, where I stopped, put the car in park and asked, “Why am I here?” We were already thirty minutes late to the lecture by this time.

This was an important question for me. I remembered that recently someone shared with me how they no longer decide to do something unless they are able to answer the question “Why?” and if the answer is positive and life giving, both to them and others, they decide on an affirmative answer, “Yes”, and do the task at hand. So, I asked the same question to myself at this moment of chaos and confusion, as the sun was setting, and the darkness was becoming more prominent.

I wondered if, whatever I was doing was life giving to me, and to others. In those few moments, I realized that what I have been trying to do, in this part of my personal life has not been life-giving to me at all. It felt like I have been in an abusive relationship that has kept me seeking the approval of these people. A major percentage of these people did not care about a good fulfilling relationship with me – why do I care?

This was an “AHA” moment. The universe was working with me and attempting to give me the message of what I needed to do, from the blockage at the entry of the campus to finding the specific building where the lecture was being held. The driving around made me feel like I was in a spiral and the only way I could get out of this spiral was to stop everything and climb out of it myself, while I can. Having a true friend accompanying me in this climb was a great help.

Beloved, this blog is not a whining session, but a time to remind ourselves and learn from one another. Take stock of our lives and evaluate our actions. We just journeyed through Holy Week, after going through the wilderness of Lent. The sufferings of Jesus that we are reminded of on Good Friday, tell us that no one can escape pain and suffering in this world, but Resurrection Morning is around the corner. Death does not have the last word. We get out of the graves that people put us in by God’s infinite Grace. in the finite life God love us infinitely. We can live a transformed life when we remember that we are beloved and Trust the Creator with everything, even with our last breath.

Back in February when I was sick and I had no voice, my eldest sister, Silva, who lives in California, asked me if I would write a poem for the World Day of Prayer. She had written an Armenian Poem and wanted to see if I would like to write an English one so that they can be published back to back as a bookmark. Her words were, and I paraphrase, “Who knows when we will have the chance to do this again. The last one was about eight years ago.” With sincere desire and love she expressed her longing. Of course, with a request full of love like that, who can say no.

I asked God for wisdom and started thinking. I went back to basics, re-read Genesis 1 and 2  a few times, because the topic was, “All of God’s Creation is Very Good”. Yes, I was physically sick, but God gave me the strength and the inspiration to write a poem that I submitted and the committee for the event accepted it.

Today, as we begin the Resurrection Season of the Church, may we be reminded that the Season of Easter is the Season of Transformation; the Season of New Life. May we remember that we are a Resurrection People, and divisions, death and dismay have no hold on us, even when darkness feels heavy; but Joy will come in the morning – You will make it through by God’s Infinite Love and Grace.

Here is my gift to you, at this Easter Sunday. Inspired by the theme: “All of God’s Creation is Very Good”. May you always find a Blessing out of darkness:

“Blessing Out of Darkness”Layers of Light
Darkness, Chaos, No containment
Yet, Your Spirit Ever-Present.
Seeing the need for Love and Kindness
Your Word brought forth Light
and Goodness.

The formless, endless heavens and earth
Shaped up into a universal abode.
A life of sharing and caring
A life bonded by your breathing.

Water salves, dry lands live.
Dry ground offers
some cracks to breathe.
The Sky above is the shelter
For a world that is held
in the womb of the Creator.

Your Blessed Word shaped the universe
Your Beauty reflects in all Created.
Stars shining, sun, moon and clouds
Colourful feathers, leaves
and rainbows alike.

Your Word gave birth to creation
Your hands molded all civilization.
A dusty vessel filled with Your Breath
Called “Beloved”
All sons and daughters the same.

You are Good O God,
You are Good.
Your Word, Your Hands,
Your Creation
Your Breath, Your Love
and Your Affection,
Are Good beyond Goodness
And Great beyond Greatness.
Light, Peace, and Eternal Love
Carries us through life
with Your Infinite Grace.
 2018 – All Rights Reserved ©

14 thoughts on “Blessing Out of Darkness”

  1. You are such a gift. I write this so that you might hear from me specifically. …in this season of Resurrection that I consider now and have always considered you to be a part of my transformation …living my life in Christ.

    • Dear Catherine,
      Thank You for this note.
      We each are a gift to this world from God in our own way, indeed.
      Cannot wait to celebrate the Gift of Ministry in You in April at your ordination.
      Much Love and Peace sent your way – Takouhi

    • Dear Hansen,
      You are most welcome.
      I am ever grateful for people like you who encourage me to use God’s Gifts in me freely.
      Much Love and Respect to you and Kathy – Takouhi

  2. Good morning Reverend Takouhi. I am just responding to this excellent writing and completely relate to your ‘aha’ moment. In this busy life we all lead, evaluating how our time is spent is important, and those things that really matter.
    This past week I have been diligently seeking out little green shoots and exclaiming over everything I find springing up from the frozen ground. New beginnings, truly. Today my dear husband, Dale and I will be taking Easter lunch to Mother, whom we are so fortunate to have in our lives.
    May you have a blessed Easter Sunday. See you soon.

    • Dear Anne,
      What a great note to get from you. Thank YOU!
      Time is a precious gift and being with loved ones is the wisest choice.
      I look forward in seeing you after my return. By then, the flowers will be more apparent and present.
      Please pass my love to Dale and mom.
      May the Blessings of Easter be evident to you and your loved ones all through the coming days.
      Rev. T.

  3. Dear Takouhi,
    I read your blog on Easter morning sitting next to our Son’s hospital bed in Worcester, MA.
    I praise Our Risen Lord for the inspiration and courage your poetry gave me. God bless you dear friend and may He be glorified with your efforts.

    • Dearest Mihran,
      Thank You for this note and your encouraging words.
      My heart truly breaks with yours, and I have no words to console you and your family in this valley of the shadow.
      But, I promise to continue to pray for Peace to be Evident and for Grace to be sufficient.
      This Holy Week has been one of the toughest weeks, but a week of deep understanding of how to handle Good Friday (Suffering), and I have a new inkling that we need to stay still without rushing, in the Good Friday of our lives, and Know that God is with us.
      May the Peace of God that surpasses all understanding embrace you, Ara, the family and all connected to you with Love.

    • Dear Linda,
      Thanks for your note.
      I pray that your Easter Celebrations were filled with Deep Gratitude and Praise.
      Your sister through Christ,

    • Dearest Paula,
      You are most welcome… God’s Grace reaches us in so many different ways, and sometimes with the spoken word.
      Love to you and ALL your family,
      Rev. Takouhi


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