Saints and Sinners

Yesterday, November 5, 2015, someone told me that on All Saints Sunday she was given the opportunity to think of the saints in her life – I was one of the saints she thought of. I was truly touched by these words because I always remind the people in the pews that we are all saints and sinners but I had never experienced this feeling of being called a saint. A moment of warm embrace, a spirit moment moved my heart and hers and both of our eyes started to accumulate tears. She continued on to say, “Takouhi, you do so much for people, the churches you serve, the presbytery we are part of – you are always going at it – that is what made me call you a saint”. I was honored, humbled and encouraged by these words – it was truly a moment of Grace.

 After we departed, I continued on to the hospital to visit a congregant, continued on to have lunch with another congregant and listen to her heartache. While I was driving, I thought to myself several times, “A Saint” – never been called that before. So, I kept on saying a mantra, “A saint, God MAY Your name be Glorified with every breath I take and every move I make and every word I say”.

 I have learned that being a saint is not an indication of power and title like the world understands it; like I shared four days ago through my sermon – being a saint is being set apart, going against the grain and making waves of New Life.

 This morning, at my quiet time, I read the twenty-second poem found in Sister Joan Chittister’s book titled, “The Monastery of the Heart: An Invitation to a Meaningful Life”, the following sentences confirmed yesterday’s conversations.

“…what it takes to develop a holy heart,

to be an involved human being,

a good community member,

a mature person,

a spiritual adult,

a God-centered seeker.”

(p. 189-190)

 “Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way” (p. 190).

 “The Love of God must come before all else” (p. 190).

 “…to be wholly spiritual we must be wholly human” (p. 193).

 My prayer today is, as I, we journey on this path of life, may we never lose Hope that God is always with us and our daily, menial everyday commitments and responsibilities. We may feel that we are JUST doing our work, but we are making a difference and are shaping up the future, even now.

May all that we do and say help others to catch the Wave of Love and be aware that we are all Saints and Sinners – Fully Human and divine, Sons and Daughters of God. Thanks be to God. Amen.

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