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Dear friends and family,
I left Beirut, Lebanon over thirty-two years ago but I have not forgotten my roots: My roots of Christian Faith and Community of Love.
Since 2013, the Alumni of Shamlian Tatikian Secondary School have been gathering to celebrate life and raise funds to support the school that still beats with the heartbeat of God and supports many children who are unable to afford education. In the scarcity of their situation, they share abundantly. At this time, with the world refugee crisis, this school is supporting many Syrian Refugee children who are in desperate need of consistency and stability. Of course the school faces many financial challenges but yet they are sharing from all that they have.
This year, for the first time, I have the privilege to participate in this endeavour and bring awareness to my friends, family members and colleagues about the great work that is going on. We are holding a banquet this Saturday evening at the Sheraton Hotel in Dorval, Quebec to support ten students for the school year. A year’s tuition is roughly $2,000 CDN therefore our aim is to raise $20,000.
Today, my desire is to have as many people as possible involved. We may not be able to give a whole lot of money personally, but collectively we can give as we are able and move mountains. Would you consider to give whatever you can?
Please send your donations directly to A.M.A.C. (the Armenian Missionary Association of Canada). For donations of $20.00 or more an income tax receipt will be issued. Please make cheques payable to “A.M.A.C.” and forward them to:

A. M. A. C.
Toronto, ON,
M1T 1G8

At this time of Remembrance Commemorations, may we NOT only remember those who sacrificed their lives to change the world, let us give as we are able to change the world and make a difference. For all those children who are refugees or whose families are unable to afford school tuition, may we reach out and be a blessing to them, even miles apart.

Thank You for considering giving with your heart.

I remain humbly – Because of Grace,
Rev. Takouhi Demirdjian-Petro

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