World Communion Sunday – October 2, 2016

img_3001Every World Wide Communion Sunday I put on the stole that the Executive Minister of the United Church of Christ of the Philippines had gifted to all the newly ordained ministers at the Montreal & Ottawa Conference on May 28, 2011.

This year, for the first time, that I remember, this day took a different turn. Was it because the day before I had attended the wedding of Hrut and Hagop in Montreal? Newly arrived refugees from Syria, via Lebanon. Where I saw people i had not seen for 33 years, who live all over the world now. For some reason the Body of Christ, the Church, had faces of those I know, I love, I am connected to. These individuals, ran together from bomb shells and snipers, and hid in the church basements and craved for warm bread and fresh water.

I am not sure if hardships of the past and the present, still for some, mingled with present day safety and comfort in Canada, made me feel overwhelmed when I started to say, “Today, on this World Wide Communion Sunday, we share this bread and the cup not only within these walls, with each other, we also share them with our brothers and sisters all around the world – in The Philippines (for the stole i was wearing), in Syria, in Lebanon and all the world”, I was barely able to control my tears.

I wondered if this was just a small example of how Jesus felt when he saw the piety and the empire following the Law and Forgetting the Law of Love.

Where would we be as followers of Jesus? What Law are we following?

The Words of Nietzsche come to mind who said something like: There was One True Christian – He was crucified. (I am writing this from memory). So, how can we prove the philosopher wrong and start living the Christian Life like Jesus did and Love one another unconditionally? Seek what is Good for ALL and not just for the select few.

How do we stop killing Jesus every day? Yes, humanity still kills Jesus everyday – just look at the faces of displaced, the oppressed, the castaway.

How do we stop killing Jesus every day? The answer is up to each and everyone of us… We cannot blame it on evil – we give way too much credit to evil personification and take less responsibility of our actions – we need to decide, to act and to repeat the actions of Love, Respect and Care, every single day.

May the Bread of Life and the True Vine Nourish our Minds and Hearts to live in Communion with the Holy One and live together as One Body of Christ, on this World Wide Communion Sunday and every single Day. Amen.


This picture was taken at my very first Bay of Quinte Annual General Meeting at Trent University in Peterborough, ON – May 25, 2013.

2 thoughts on “World Communion Sunday – October 2, 2016”

  1. We need to decide, to act, and to repeat the actions of love.respect and care every single day. Such a message I need to hear. Heartfelt and holy Communion message. Thanks Takouhi for your blog.

    • Thanks for posting this note Elizabeth Foster…
      Sometimes I wonder if people read these blogs. Then the Spirit triggers you to post a note and another person to send me a note through Facebook.
      Another good reminder that our work is NOT in vain, as long as we do it for God’s Eternal Purposes.
      Love and Blessings to you and your family, on this Thanksgiving weekend and Always.


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