Some Thoughts – After the Tragedies of this week – July 8, 2016

When are we going to wake up and realize life is a gift to us and in return we must offer life to others. No exception of who they are. We say “Belief” is what we need Will leave everything to God. Take the word apart and move around one letter and it becomes, “Be Life”. This life is not a competition or a race to fame and fortune: How many followers, how many tweets. It is not a power trip to see who can oppress, repress and dominate – they too do not live forever on this earth, you … Read more

Thought of the Day – June 5, 2016

When I was driving home on Sunday June 5th from celebrating two wonderful worship services and delivering the sermon for the Halladay Burial Place’s annual memorial service, the following crossed my mind. When the time comes that we each enter our eternal rest, God is NOT going to ask what type of relations did you have: Straight or  Same Gender. I believe, God is going to say, “Welcome into your rest, my good and faithful servant!” Matthew 25:21. My Prayer is that we spend more time in Loving, Caring, and Uplifting one another, rather than criticizing others for not living … Read more

Beyond Imagining

The Young Armenian Girl, who wrote her very first poem, “The Mild Night” on January 14, 1982, could have never imagined that one day she would live in a peace-filled country and say, “My very first poetry book is being published”. In my wildest dreams these words never appeared. However, today, May 1, 2016, 27 days before the fifth anniversary of my ordination into ministry, I am able to say, “By God’s Grace my very first book of Christmas Poetry, Prayers and Blessings; with full page colour photos taken by Gary and I, will be published in September of this … Read more

An Exciting Moment in Time…

The Festival of Homiletics, is one of my favourite conferences that I attempt to attend each year. This year it is truly a honour to be asked to lead worship with my colleague, The Rev. Anthony Bailey, at Buckhead Theatre, on May 17. Keep us in your prayers for safe travels and a rejuvenated return home. May we hear  and see the visions of the Holy One to guide us; and continue the work of \\\”Prophetic Preaching in Times of Change\\\”.    

Do what you can, NOT because YOU HAVE TO

Last week I saw an article on Facebook by CJAD (Montreal) that IGA, one of the grocery stores in Quebec, has decided to lower their prices because they felt that the competition is fierce – It was time to be competitive and win over customers. On Thursday, April 7, I called Bell Canada to stop my internet services with them as I was going with another company for different reasons. Bell customer service insisted on finding a way to keep me, even to the point that I was offered a $17.00 monthly discount, over $200 discount per year. When I … Read more

Palm Sunday – Love Conquers All

A day to celebrate Love, to Celebrate the fact that Love conquers all. An exhausting week and Holy Week has not begun yet. Went to church this a.m. and told the secretary that I’d rather be in bed and sleep in. Then, people started knocking on the office door, talking to me, giving hugs and slowly a new energy started to creep out on me. There was Joy in being at the church building and being with the church (the people) all together… Our Palm Sunday processional began and we started singing, “He Comes Riding on a Donkey”. All the … Read more

Are You Plugged In?

It was quite a hectic morning and I was trying to rush out the door for a few appointments – Amazing appointments if I may add. I planned to go and meet a great person who is making me a clerical shirt, have a bowl of soup at the local restaurant, and then meet the principal at the local high school with two teachers to plan a time and date to share my journey of displacement into Canada at the local high school. I was so proud of myself as I had decided to use the slow cooker to get … Read more

Hanging in There…

20160130_164559[1]It has been a busy week. Annual reports, Sunday morning prep for new members, a child’s baptism, pastoral care through visits, phone calls, e-mails and Facebook messenger. I was registered for a full day workshop on Friday the 29th, I withdrew myself, as I realized on Wednesday evening how many things I have to get done before Sunday.

Barely had a day off, and by Saturday afternoon, January 30, around 4 p.m. my head felt full of stuff and I needed fresh air. Thanks to Maya, our Golden Retriever, who was restless and pacing the corridor, I decided to get my coat on and go for a walk. We are so blessed to be living close to the Cataraqui Trail. Got ready and set for a walk.

What a gorgeous afternoon. A little breezy but not frigid. As we start our walk, I started praying for all who are on my mind and in my heart: family, friends, congregants, communities we live in and of course the wider world. Slowly but surely my stuffy head started to open up to the sounds and the presence around me. The crisp snow under my feet gave me the bounce to walk on a cloud and be free from all that is tying me down.

I started to worry a bit about Maya, as she has a sensitive paw and sometimes she cannot stand the cold snow, even though she loves rolling in it and eating it like a slushy. So I started to turn back home. I was quiet and the breeze was becoming audible. I heard rustling, the type that I can hear around Autumn alone. So I stopped and paid attention where it was coming from – all the trees look bare but I found a tree that still had dry leaves on it. The wind was moving it but those leaves were still hanging on to the branches. This is when I had an AHA moment. “It does not matter how dried up we might feel we are still alive and can make our voices heard and touch someone in gentleness”.

I was refreshed, rejuvenated and returned home, only to see my neighbour taking her dog for a walk and we went for another walk with them.

What a joy it is to have peace and be open to our surroundings who are always teaching us a new thing, if we only listen.